Android – не получает токен GCM

Я называю RegistrationIntentService :

  if (checkPlayServices()) { Log.i("udazzT", "check servicies"); // Start IntentService to register this application with GCM. Intent intent2 = new Intent(this, RegistrationIntentService.class); startService(intent2); } 

Но я не вижу ни одного из журналов в RegistrationIntentService:

 public class RegistrationIntentService extends IntentService { private static final String TAG = "RegIntentService"; private static final String[] TOPICS = {"global"}; public RegistrationIntentService() { super(TAG); } @Override protected void onHandleIntent(Intent intent) { Log.i("udazzT", "setting token"); SharedPreferences sharedPreferences = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this); try { // In the (unlikely) event that multiple refresh operations occur simultaneously, // ensure that they are processed sequentially. synchronized (TAG) { // [START register_for_gcm] // Initially this call goes out to the network to retrieve the token, subsequent calls // are local. // [START get_token] Log.i("udazzT", "setting token 2"); InstanceID instanceID = InstanceID.getInstance(this); String token = instanceID.getToken(getString(R.string.gcm_defaultSenderId), GoogleCloudMessaging.INSTANCE_ID_SCOPE, null); // [END get_token] Log.i(TAG, "GCM Registration Token: " + token); // TODO: Implement this method to send any registration to your app's servers. sendRegistrationToServer(token); // Subscribe to topic channels subscribeTopics(token); // You should store a boolean that indicates whether the generated token has been // sent to your server. If the boolean is false, send the token to your server, // otherwise your server should have already received the token. sharedPreferences.edit().putBoolean(QuickstartPreferences.SENT_TOKEN_TO_SERVER, true).apply(); // [END register_for_gcm] } } catch (Exception e) { Log.d(TAG, "Failed to complete token refresh", e); // If an exception happens while fetching the new token or updating our registration data // on a third-party server, this ensures that we'll attempt the update at a later time. sharedPreferences.edit().putBoolean(QuickstartPreferences.SENT_TOKEN_TO_SERVER, false).apply(); } // Notify UI that registration has completed, so the progress indicator can be hidden. Intent registrationComplete = new Intent(QuickstartPreferences.REGISTRATION_COMPLETE); LocalBroadcastManager.getInstance(this).sendBroadcast(registrationComplete); } /** * Persist registration to third-party servers. * * Modify this method to associate the user's GCM registration token with any server-side account * maintained by your application. * * @param token The new token. */ private void sendRegistrationToServer(String token) { // Add custom implementation, as needed. } /** * Subscribe to any GCM topics of interest, as defined by the TOPICS constant. * * @param token GCM token * @throws IOException if unable to reach the GCM PubSub service */ // [START subscribe_topics] private void subscribeTopics(String token) throws IOException { for (String topic : TOPICS) { GcmPubSub pubSub = GcmPubSub.getInstance(this); pubSub.subscribe(token, "/topics/" + topic, null); } } // [END subscribe_topics] } 

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Убедитесь, что он зарегистрирован в вашем манифесте.

 <service android:name=".RegistrationIntentService" android:exported="false" /> 

Вы думали добавить все необходимое, как здесь googlesamples

Просто добавьте это

 <intent-filter> <action android:name="" /> <category android:name="<PACKAGE-NAME>" /> </intent-filter> 

В manifest.xml «GcmReceiver» и «MyGcmListenerService» в моем коде выглядит как показано ниже.

  <receiver android:name="" android:exported="true" android:permission="" > <intent-filter> <action android:name="" /> <category android:name="<PACKAGE-NAME>" /> </intent-filter> </receiver> <!-- [END gcm_receiver] --> <!-- [START gcm_listener] --> <service android:name="<PACKAGE-NAME>.MyGcmListenerService" android:exported="false" > <intent-filter> <action android:name="" /> <category android:name="<PACKAGE-NAME>" /> </intent-filter> </service> <!-- [END gcm_listener] --> <!-- [START instanceId_listener] --> 

В моем случае это работает … Может быть, это будет полезно для вас. Удачи

Проверьте, добавили ли вы ниже строки в фильтр намерений получателей

Поскольку упомянутый в документе GCM документ:

Если вы хотите поддерживать устройства до 4,4 KitKat, добавьте следующее действие в объявление фильтра намерения для получателя: